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The Orion suicide craft in Journey to Babel was doing just fine until it underestimated the Enterprise and slowed down.

But, yeah, I agree with Unicron: the assumptions discussed in the forum of how fighters would be used in the Star Trek universe are generally all wrong. It's a straw man fallacy to say that, since a small number of unsupported fighters aren't expected to defeat a top-of-the-line ship in a frontal attack, therefore fighters have no place in the Star Trek universe.
I'm in agreement with Unicron that fighters being used against other small craft is really the only way to justify that sort of thing, and there's plenty of precedent for that even in Trek.

The thing is, they wouldn't be "fighters" in that case, especially since it probably doesn't need to be designed for high warp so much as high agility (that is, high stability in a variety of situations and environments) and highly accurate weapons fire. In that case, what you've really got is a gunship, Starfleet's equivalent of the Scorpion class attack flyer.

Stick a type-IV phaser on the nose of something like this, and suddenly you've got a case. You can imagine, for example, a platoon of Klingons running a berserker charge on a squad of hapless Starfleet scientists defending the last known genesis device. The science team is probably boned... until three or four of these gunships come over the treeline and start sweeping the Klingons with phaser fire. Better still if the Klingons actually GET the genesis device and try to flee the planet in a stolen shuttlecraft; if your local security force needs to chase them down in a hurry, you send a couple of shuttles and a runabout and about two dozen gunships to help cover more ground.
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