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Re: This Side of Paradise question (spoiler)

Oh my...

Thanks for the diversity of opinions, everyone! To be clear, I know that no offense was intended, and none was taken. It's suprising sometimes what different forums expect from participants, and while I knew it was probably unnecessary, I wanted to err on the safe side rather than risk getting blacklisted (redshirted?) on my very first thread.

I am myself relatively new to Trek, and am currently finishing up the third season of TOS for the first time, and while I have the sense not to click on a thread discussing an episode I've not yet seen, let's not forget that curiosity in the face of danger was central to the Enterprise's mission. Despite the passage of 40-odd years, people like me stumble into the strange and wonderful world of Trek all the time, and sometimes we can't resist wanting to share the excitement, even though we've barely gotten our feet wet. So if this really gets under anyone's skin, just consider the tag a shout-out to all those new initiates, past, present, and future.
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