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Re: Two new Star Trek Series might be coming to the small screen.

There have been plenty of chatter from people with a track record who are intersted in doing a series - Fuller, Singer, Seth McFarlane and Robert Orci by my last count. Have I missed anyone?

I wouldnt be at all surprised if one of their projects ends up being funded as a joint venture between CBS and Netflix (because CBS doesn't own an outlet that makes sense for Star Trek, but Les Moonves is buddying up to Netflix), announced after the success of the next movie (assuming it is a success, which seems highly likely), to debut around the time of the third movie's release.

But it wont have anything to do with Worf or involve anyone like David Foster, who has no credibility. Sure the guy has an idea for a series, so what, everyone in this forum has twenty ideas for a series, why don't they just turn the show over to us?
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