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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Better late than never, I guess...

20 year old guy from Sweden who grew up with seeing TNG and VOY (which I never learned to like) on TV, as well as Wrath of Khan several times. The first time I ever saw a TOS episode was after buying The Best of TOS DVD so even if I love TOS a little bit more, TNG has obviously been with me for a much, much longer time and I've never had any doubts where I stand in the long, nerdy debate of Kirk Vs. Picard. I like Picard more both as a captain and as a character. Besides, I find it much more easier relating to him both as an introvert and lover of music.

I work as a factory coordinator of major appliances, and I'd like to think that my childhood of idolizing Picard as a captain has inspired me in my leadership and my sense of structure and organization.

Otherwise, my life has almost since I was a baby revolved around movies and that interest and many other hobbies has some tendencies to take over my whole life with my brain sometimes prioritizing it as the most important things in the world. To put it laconically , I'm a huge nerd with many big interests and those hobbies have a profound effect and importance to my everyday life, and Star Trek is one of them. Not even my girlfriend has a chance of coming between me and Star Trek.
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