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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I mean, if we're gonna talk realistically, it's implausible that Bruce ever managed to keep his secret identity. When you have police helicopters and half the police squad after you as Bruce did during the car chase in Batman Begins, it's next to impossible to lose them. Even if you did, they'd almost certainly backtrack and track the Batmobile, and figure out that it had flown into the waterfall -- at which point there would likely be a search of the property the waterfall is on.

And that's not mentioning how unlikely it is that no one from the Pentagon would have noticed how similar the Batmobile on the news was to those proposed vehicle designs from Wayne Enterprises. Or that no other accountants would notice all those acts of embezzlement being committed by Bruce and Fox. Or that Wayne Enterprises would be allowed to build a nuclear energy source in the middle of downtown Gotham City.

Bottom line: Even for a director like Christopher Nolan, who values verisimilitude, there's a point where we have to suspend our disbelief.

Or to assume that Lucius Fox was bribing a lot of people to keep quiet.
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