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Re: VOY Caption This 86; Delta Flyer Blues...

Kim: Tom, remember what I said about the cockpit windows being vulnerable during atmospheric descent?
Tom: Yeah?
Kim: Then what are we doing flying through the atmosphere of a class-J gas giant?
Tom: Relax Harry, this ship has one thing going for it; moxy.

Crewmen Telfer: It's like from one of those Alien movies you know! When that damned creature bursts out of your body!!!

Doctor: Seven's been secretly having orgies on this ship? Well I never...

Kim: Erm Tom... This is a starship remember?

Janeway: Crewmen Telfer you are not a hypochondriac and if you don't swear to never bother me again with this nonsence I'll crash this ship straight into that asteroid ahead of us!
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