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Re: Episode a Week: Lonely Among Us

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We're seeing intelligent purposeful behavior from the "essence" of a man who has left his brain far behind. Beaming him back from pure energy goes with the territory. Sometimes in Trek you just have to suspend reason.
Here's the problem with the suspension of reason for this particular episode. If the drama of the main story line is centered around elements that are understandable (i.e. Picard acting strangely, crew having doubts, a mysterious entity that can hide in anyone), and than have the climax resort to something that we cannot understand (Picard magically entering the Enterprise's systems), you are short changing the audience. Suspension of disbelief normally works when the whole story requires it, not when the story needs it to resolve an issue that didn't require it.
The whole story does require it. Think about the situation here. We have a "pure energy" Picard existing in the cloud, thinking, making decisions, taking action, taking advantage of his knowledge of the ship and the crew and communicating with them, all despite having disposed of his brain along with the rest of his body. Once we have accepted that it can do all that, I don't see it as much more of a leap to imagine it being reconstituted into "matter Picard" from a pattern left over in the transporter buffer.
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