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Second, I know Walt and crew (actually more Walt than anyone else) felt the need to get rid of the 10 guys in prison and it needed to be done quickly but the way it was done in a two minute timeframe screamed conspiracy.
Nevertheless, I think that's the way it had to be done. If you were Hank, and you got word that one or two of your imprisoned potential leads in the Heisenberg case had just been murdered, what would you immediately have done with the rest?
As I said I realize Walt felt like they needed to go and I know time is of the essence as the canaries would start singing but if it were planned in such a way (a riot perhaps) where the guys were killed different ways, one trampled to death another fell to his death more people were killed along with them and so on, it would not scream that those guys were hushed up ASAP, the way it was done in flat out rampant murder IMO they put themselves squarely under a microscope and screamed "please re-open ALL of your investigations as we have tones to hide".
Considering how megalomaniacal Walt is getting, I'm pretty sure part of it was trying to show off.
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