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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

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LOL I'm maybe going to end up getting four "copies" (3 paperbacks and the Kindle version) of Eternal Tide (well it depends on if I can find 3 other books or not for the "4 for 3" promo on Amazon), so I think will be able to say I've supported Ms. Beyer pretty well in the sales aspect in this her latest endeavor. I already have her previous 3 Voy. books on hand (those bought used) so that is probably enough for me otherwise, heh. 9/2 PS I did find another book to buy so ended up getting "only" 2 more copies of TET, oh well, guess I still contributed to the sales figures pretty decently, lol.
wow - really doing your part! maybe I should should buy another copy . . .
LOL, ok well I have one paperback copy I've been reading, one I'm going to wrap up so will be pristine "forever" (hey, getting this book made me happy....), and one copy "just in case", ha, besides the Ebook, which I'm going to use for re-reading since can get larger type that way. Am thankful that I got a discount on the two new books, though.
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