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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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Anyone on the East Coast of the US get the replacement discs from deluxe yet? I am hoping mine come in the mail today!!
Northern Kentucky here and I got my replacement discs on Saturday.
I got mine in Boston on Saturday, as well.
Nothing here in Eastern Canada. I called Deluxe 2 days after they started shipping and the girl on the phone said that I wasn't showing up on their system, and that it must have meant my discs had shipped. I said I wasn't really comfortable with that answer, but that didn't seem to inspire her to re-enter my information. I know that they could potentially purge the info once an item is shipped, but there should at least be some trace of the shipment in their system. I generally find if there is no trace of something, then it was likely never there to begin with. Thinking I'll be calling them tonight.
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