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I thought about the NX-01 Enterprise and granted it fired a lot more often her phase cannons it has several weaknesses not present in TOS. 1) Phase cannons had a limited range allowing fighters to be able to close and attack it and 2) Less power (although arguably TNG falls into this category as well.)

As far as accuracy goes, I think in Voyager they fought mostly against other powers where they might not be as accurate at targeting as Federation combat ships. Although I think there was one or two Voyager episodes where they did encounter some fast moving small ships where Tuvok had difficulty targeting.

In "Journey to Babel" the Orion ship's warp difference was too great to overcome by the Enterprise to land any hits on it until it slowed down. The episode does illustrate an interesting option: a small suicide ship can outpower and outmaneuver a much larger ship. By overloading the power system the small ship was able to output more phaser power while simultaneously keeping a high warp speed. To me it would suggest that a Trek Carrier would have serious problems defending itself against this kind of attack. The good thing for DS9/TNG is that they are on a different tech tree and probably wouldn't see something like this....
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