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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

If Quinto and Cho show up, the audience will assume it's in the Abrams universe. Ditto for the production design which if course would be more akin to Abrams than the original, for the same reason as the movies - the old style would look hokey and weird to modern audiences unless updated.

The writers will probably not tip us off via anything but circumstantial evidence like that. Even the presence or absence of Vulcan wouldn't tell us anything, since the new colony may look like the original, and be given the same name. The writers would have to go out of their way to make clear which universe the show is in, and odds are they won't bother since I doubt most of the audience understands or cares that we've jumped realities.

So, getting back to the original point, there's no reason to worry that the future is somehow preordained. Just like with the movies, the TV writers aren't going to allow themselves to be limited by that, not if the majority if the audience doesn't care (how many of the potential audience even remembers details from TOS? how many have seen TOS? I wouldn't place any bets on either.)

The only people who will notice that "hey that's not how its supposed to go!" because for instance, a human character reveals that they know Vulcans and Romulans are related, are a minority of the potential audience and we have an easy out for such concerns - its in the Abrams U, problem solved.

And lastly, odds are very good that a new series would involve Abrams and/or Kurtzman and Orci, since they have the credibility of reviving Star Trek as a money making brand. That will count a lot to CBS even if CBS wasn't involved in the movies. Why would they suddenly jump universes when they have one that's putting butts in seats?
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