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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

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Greetings bipeds!

My name is Robert. I've lived in the frozen wastes of northern Canada for about 8 years now, although I gew up in the south. I've been a fan of Trek for literally my entire life. I was basically raised on The Next Generation, as it premiered on television when I was less than 1 year old. Obviously, I inherited my love of Star Trek from my parents. We had no compunctions referring to Star Trek as being "religious television," despite being a Christian household, to illustrate just how much my family loves Trek. In fact, we took in Star Trek weekly basically from the time TNG debuted, right through to the last episode of Deep Space Nine (which is my other favorite Trek series).

I've also come to appreciate Enterprise far more than I once did. I think that I, like many, probably felt short-changed when Firefly (which, I'll be honest, I still think is better than Enterprise) got cancelled while Enterprise stayed on the air. The Xindi storyline, however, is quite epic.

I'm too young to really be nostalgic about the original series, although the TOS-based movies are my favorite ANYTHING Trek-related. I've also never really had that much affinity for Voyager either.

With respect to "the great debate," I come down on the Picard side.

Glad to meet you all!
Welcome! I totally agree about ENT. I stopped consistently watching during the 3rd season and missed basically all of the 4th the first time around. I've since gone back and rewatched both seasons and the 4th in particular is really solid with those multiple episode arcs and cannon gap-filling (Klingon ridges, Augments-Khan, etc.) which are really cool for long-time fans. It's too bad it really hit its stride when the ratings were too far gone at that point to earn a renewal.
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