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My Let's Play Star Trek Online Series

Thought I'd go ahead and post my let's play STO series I have on youtube here. A little background, I've been playing STO since the game was in open beta 3 years ago, I'm at my 900 day Veteran. I haven't taken a break from this game ever, been consistently playing it since day 1 and continue to play it even after free-to-play. I've had experience in every career and ship and playable character.

I started my Let's Play STO series on youtube when the game went free-to-play earlier this year. My goal in this series was to simply play through every mission in the game and show new people coming into the game how to be successful at it and how to build a good character and a good ship build. I continue to do that.

I currently have 79 videos posted on the Federation side, playing all missions and leveling up to max level on Ensign Ricky. If you are at all interested in learning about the game on the Fed side and seeing what any of the missions are like, each episode is a mission, except for the ones in-between which show getting a new ship and building that up at each rank. The playlist for that is here -

I've just started leveling a new character on the KDF side to now show the same thing on the KDF side. I will level a new character from start (which the game starts you at Commander level 20 now) and show leveling this new character playing every mission on the KDF side, that playlist is here -

My channel's URL is here, where all videos are posted -

I'm not done with the Federation side. I plan to add videos to show many other things you can do in STO on the federation side such as the dailies. I will also show all the STFs in their own playlist. I will show normal and elite STFs, with a character that doesn't have the omega/maco gear to show how it can be done after you reach level 50, then I'll do it again on a decked out character to show those features. But the STFs will come after I finish the KDF side.

Thought you might all enjoy this, My Let's Play series of STO will be on ongoing ever continuing project. As new updates are added to the game I will cover them, such as Season 7 later this year which will bring new content and open up a new sector block, and of course the third Anniversary coming up early next year. Along the way Cryptic adds other things like ships, costumes and so forth, and as things are added I'll take a look at them. So this project will literally never stop, as long as I'm playing the game and the game is still available to play, I'll be constantly updating the channel with new videos on it.

Since this is a Trek forum, and I'm a huge Trek fan, and this game is currently the only Trek MMO (despite it's negatives) it's the best there is right now, and it's pretty awesome considering you can play it for completely free and get the kind of gameplay experience out of it that you can. The Federation missions tie in directly to the TV shows and movies, it is all cannon, which makes it unique. Like it or hate it, STO is the best "free" experience you can have playing in the Star Trek Universe!

Feel free to ask me any questions if you need help in-game or out of game, I'm here to help. Give me a PM in-game and I'll help you out in a mission. I hope all get to enjoy the game as much as I have, hey, it's free, what can you lose. FYI I have no connection or ties to Cryptic, I'm simply a fan of the game and love playing it and want to show it to fellow Star Trek fans.

BTW, if you want to see what each mission of the game is like, without actually playing it, there you go

BTW, my in-game name (don't forget the period) @The-Doctor.
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My Let's Play Series of STO -

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