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Especially since the last one, because of all the secrecy, tanked at the box office.
It certainly didn't tank, however:

Star Trek - Worldwide: $385,680,446

The Avengers - Worldwide: $1,501,845,000.

Avengers made double domestic than Star Trek did worldwide. Logically speaking, it could be because Marvel started promoting Avengers from 2010 onwards. Hell, Iron Man 2 was basically one big promo for it. So yes, the extreme amount of secrecy is truly hurting this movie. At least thats what I think.
Well, if you wanna go down that road, you better add onto the Avengers Budget, the budgets for Iron Man 1 and 2, both Hulk movies, Thor and Captain America, since that earlier buzz came from them.
I think the two Hulk movies probably subtracted from the buzz.
Well, he’s kind of had it in for me ever since I accidentally ran over his dog.
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