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Becareful what you wish for Sam Adama is a hit man, who makes a living by killing people for the Quatral. Clarrise is plotting to blow up a Pyramid Stadium and kill thousands of people just so she can have an opportunity to upload a handful of people into computers, and the Battlestar Galactica show has Admiral Cain as a lesbian, not exactly role models those.
I believe part of the point - both of the characters themselves and teacake's commentary on them - is that the LGBT characters are indeed all these things, and so are the straight characters. Sam Adama and Clarice Willow and Helena Cain and Felix Gaeta are all as admirable and detestable as every other character in the BSG-verse. They are presented neither as being horrible people because they're LGBT nor as unrealistically noble to avoid being seen as evil because they're LGBT. They simply are.

They are not meant to be role models, they are meant to be characters. And the fact that despite his job Sam Adama is actually the one who probably his head on straightest of all of them just goes to show how messed up the rest of them are.

Anyway, as to the show itself, I have only seen the first half and the first ep of the second half, after which I moved house and was no longer in a location that showed it on TV. Obviously there are "other ways" to access it, but the fact that I have never bothered doing so probably speaks to my lack of excitement over it. Not that it was actively bad, just that it seemed a bit sluggish and meandering, and just as things started to pull together I had to drop it.

Had it been given time to develop I imagine it would have become a fascinating piece of science fiction (in the true sense of the phrase - "posit one little advancement and watch what happens"), and the earlier episodes would have been re-appraised as patient set-up.

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