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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Death Wish was an awesome episode on so many levels, and you hit the enthusasm aspect of it dead on. Quinn(Old Q but simplicity's sake he's generally called by the name he had in that brief log entry) was an interesting and compelling character in his own right and put a very different aspect on the face of the Continium. John de Lancie, as we've come to expect and love, really does shine through.

"They're just gone.... oh I'm very sorry for the inconvience." That makes me laugh every time. As for Q, well he comes across as a condencending, sexist, racist jerk but we love him because of it!

Really the worst thing about this episode was it did too good. It was so popular a sequel was demanded... and we got it... if you think the Old West is bad, wait until next time.
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