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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

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So there are a few things that I’m wondering about when it comes to Walt and crew and leaving loose ends.

First, how does the chemical process work for getting rid of “evidence”.
Does the process of getting rid of the bodies completely dissolve them or does it leave a vat of goo?
The reason I ask is they start a new barrel each time they want to get rid of someone, if it completely gets rid of them why start a new barrel every time?
Wouldn’t the large volume of purchasing that particular chemical raise some eyebrows somewhere?
They use hydrofluoric acid, which has numerous legitimate applications, so wouldn't be hard to come by if you sound like you're an industrial user of it (which Madrigal would be.)

That said, hydrofluoric acid is not capable of dissolving bodies. It is extremely dangerous and deadly if mishandled, but other than causing a lot of tissue damage, it doesn't do a lot to dead bodies--it certainly wouldn't liquefy them. To destroy a body, you'd need to oxidize it, using a base like sulfuric acid. HF is evil, evil stuff, but it doesn't do what the show indicates. I would suspect they deliberately mislead viewers on what chemicals do what to thwart the "let's try that at home" crowd, except anyone fucking around with HF is probably just going to wind up dead.

If it doesn’t how and where do they get rid of the goo?
If they are dumping down a drain wouldn’t the chemical that dissolves people and motorcycle parts also eventually dissolve the drain pipes as well?
They were sending the barrels off in Madrigal trucks, probably to a hazmat disposal facility.

You're assuming the white supremacist guys even know who Walt is. If a guy shows you a fat wad of money and will pay you for offing some guys already in the joint, do you really want or need to know his name? Nope, just show me the Bennies.

They can only point the finger if they have a name. Which they most likely don't.

Lastly, Lydia.
Why keep meeting her in the coffee house?
I get that she wanted a public place for the name exchange meet but why make it easier to get caught or raise suspicion by meeting weekly in such a small public place with regular patrons, employees and in store cameras?
Why use a woman’s handbag that anyone could easily see in?
No one would eventually find it strange that this woman walks in with the bag and Walt walks out with it? And if no one did why risk possibly videotaping that exchange?
Walt is a smart guy, why not use identical briefcases and meet in a park or mall if Lydia still doesn’t trust him enough to meet out in the desert or something?
I dunno, I kind of like the coffee house. Maybe it's the kind of place where nobody pays attention.

All I’m saying is with Walt seemingly wanting to tie up loose ends he seems like he is creating a lot more.
Nah. They're only loose ends if people can identify him. I think he's progressed to the point where he knows better.

Are we to believe that Todd wouldn't tell uncle white supremacist guy Walt's name and some sort of Brief history about him before they met?

Are we to believe that Walt wouldn't tell uncle white supremacist guy his name and some sort of Brief history about himself and why he wants 10 people murdered in prison?

How would they know it wasn't some sort of undercover agent/cop setting them up?
One would think criminals would be a tad bit careful as to not end up in prison again.

One would think Walt wouldn't hire stoopid criminals to engineer 10 murders in two min.
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