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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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I would say that Quentyn wins my personal award for most pointless POV.
And Quentyn was still more important to the plot of A Dance With Dragons than Tyrion. How do you write a fantasy novel that's over a thousand pages? Observe: Where do whores go? Where do whores go? Where do whores go? Where do whores go? Where do whores go? Where do...

At first, I thought Aegon was a pretender, but now I am not so sure. Why would Varys want to put a fabulous fake on the throne?
When Varys discusses Aegon with the dying Kevan he doesn't defend Aegon in the sense that Aegon is the rightful heir to the throne (which he may well be, of course) but that he's the best educated claimant to the throne - one who actually understands the burdens and not just the trappings of kingship, and thus having the potential to be a truly great King.

I woldn't put it past Varys to support a fake claimant he thinks will make a better King than any of the 'real' contenders, to be honest.
Another excellent point - Varys does say that he serves the realm.

Aegon may be well educated and acquainted with the true burden of kingship, but what is to keep his offsrping from turning out entitled brats? It seems that being a prince = being a cunt (gotta love Bronn).

If Jon is truly dead - who will take up the fight on the Wall? That question keeps running around in my head. No one else seems poised to do so. While the rest of the game may be up for grabs, I always thought that defending the Wall was Jon's destiny and his doom.

Addendum - Rather than start a new post...
Is this the end of the night's watch as we know it? From what Melisandre says - Cotter Pyke and his fleet will perish. Granted that does leave DM at "full" strength, but it seems that many men would have down with the fleet.
Jon has just been stabbed by his brothers in a fort teeming with wildlings. Even if the wildlings don't get them, I could see their own brothers falling upon the guilty for killing Jon.
A Queen's man has attacked Wun Wun (to get to Val, I assume) and been killed.
It just seems that a blood bath is going to occur at castle black.
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