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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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I would say that Quentyn wins my personal award for most pointless POV.
Nah, that crown goes to Arys Oakheart.
Has one POV in which he does nothing but whine and then dies in a POV of another character. What was the point of that?

At first, I thought Aegon was a pretender, but now I am not so sure. Why would Varys want to put a fabulous fake on the throne? Most of what we have seen Varys do relates to him in some way scheming to put the descendents of Aerys on the throne. I don’t think he would put a fake on the throne ahead of Dany.
Based on the fact that the Golden Company was founded by Daemon Blackfyre, there is speculation that Aegon could be a descendant of him and Varys a Blackfyre loyalist.

Wyman Manderly wins my favorite secret badass award. I love that the Freys went missing on the way to Winterfell. He is loyal fat man and pretty good at being sneaky. And his line about it being a good thing that the Frey boy was dead because he would only grow up to be a Frey had me hooting out loud.
Aw, you missed the best part. The missing Freys were the pie that Manderly served at Winterfell. That's why he sings about the ratcook.
I totally missed that hint. I remember him saying that about the rat cook, but he put them in a pie? Oh that is awesome and revolting all at the same time. I figured he had them hacked into little bitty pieces, but this takes the cake or in this case - the pie.

That is a good point about the Blackfyres. I don't want Aegon to the be the real deal. It just feels like a cheat. Here is this dude that no one has heard of or cares about and he sweeps in and takes all? Pooh!

I think my beloved Stannis will die, but I don't think it will be at the hands of the Boltons. Ramsay is such a loose cannon. I cannot believe that a shrewd man like Roose would stake so much on his volatile and demented child. Plus, now he has holed himself up with some of his worst enemies with enemies descending on him.

I do love Mors Umber for making much of the snow storm and really playing up his advantages....Their blindness and his great use of war horns.
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