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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

I would suspect they deliberately mislead viewers on what chemicals do what to thwart the "let's try that at home" crowd, except anyone fucking around with HF is probably just going to wind up dead.
Everyone doing what Jessie tried to do with Emilio's body, would end up dead in about couple of minutes from inhaling the fumes.

I worked with HF a few times when I worked in microelectronics lab - we used it for some etching process. Approximately half of my lab safety training was dedicated to explaining that HF is a really really dangerous chemical and what to do if you accidentally spill even a tiny bit of on yourself. It goes for the calcium in the bones, so I guess large quantities of it would destroy the bones in the human body, turning the rest into a goo.

HF is something everyone should try to avoid if possible.
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