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Re: Any groups working on Trek 4X strategy games?

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I want to create one from scratch. I envision a hex based game with a Civilization flavor
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Could this be done in Java?
Absolutely, you can easily make a 2d graphics game in java. You can of course also use one of the 3d libraries like JMonkeyEngine.

If you wan't to do it without writing everything from scratch (it's fun but takes a LOT of time) you could have a look at Unity which has a free version (but you must use javascript or C# for programming)

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Are other people working on anything similar? I know there is some sort of BotF clone game out there but I want something that is true Trek and slightly simpler if possible.
There is a forum dedicated to star trek fan made strategy games sort of, and it's located at and would probably be a great place for you to meet people and bounce some ideas around. This place is mainly for Supremacy which I assume is the BotF clone you mentioned, but other games as well.

I'm personally working on a game called Trekwar which is a java 4X strategy game in the alpha stages. The source code will be released shortly under an apache open source license in case you wan't to have a look at how a strategy game can be implemented in Java. Drop me an e-mail if you wan't me to let you know when the code is released.
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