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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

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don't stop now! keep going! if there's any chance that you might need voice overs let us know so we can send auditions for them!
That may very well be! The kind of chatter you get over comm when damage reports are coming in, that sort of thing....i.e. "Deck 6 section 22b; we've got a loss of pressurization! We're working to seal it off!" or "Deck 3 rec hall 2; we've got a major power loss and the door's been sealed...we've got 14 people trapped in there!" "Half the main power bussports and routers are off line! We need a crew in here pronto!" Stuff like could ad-lib almost anything along those lines and send it off to me in a sound file...Thrilled to have it!!
email: make sure to include all names of actors so they get in the credits.

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