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Re: Shia LaBeouf is done with blockbusters and will have real sex in m

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Speaking of Terrence Malick (Shia's new idol, apparently): am I the only person who hated The Thin Red Line? It's one of the few movies that I've stopped watching half-way through.
I may be the only one on this front, but I liked it more than Saving Private Ryan.

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I think the Thin Red Line may well be one of the most realistic war films ever made...war is mainly sitting around being bored for hours waiting for a few minutes of action right?
Oddly enough, that's what I liked about it.
On that note:

At the Venice Film Festival premiere of "To the Wonder" -- Terrence's Malick's second film to debut in the last 16 months, but only sixth since 1973 -- audience members reportedly booed the romantic drama, much to the consternation of some critics in attendance.

"Booing a Terrence Malick film! Wow, almost as courageous and commendable as kicking Gandhi in the face," wrote Variety critic Justin Chang on Twitter. "Good job, guys."

Film critic Guy Lodge was equally appalled.

"Enough with the booing, people," Lodge tweeted. "You're professionals. Supposedly. Shut the f--k up."

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