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Re: 7X01 Asylum Of The Daleks (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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I haven't read the rest of the thread (yet) but I loved this episode. Through and through. Easily the best Dalek episode since "Dalek" and one of Moffat's best episodes in recent time.

Some people went into this expecting a masturbatory "Every Dalek but the Kitchen Sink Dalek" overblown, nonsensical thrill ride to give RTD a run for his money. Instead I found this to be a quieter, atmospheric, more personal story, a story that the Daleks richly deserve, one which they haven't gotten since "Dalek" (or Big Finish's I, Davros).

Were all of the Daleks we've ever seen in the history of show in it? Yes, they were, but they weren't in your face "Look at us! We're all of the Daleks ever!" Instead they were just there. An asylum planet full of broken Daleks and Daleks defeated by The Doctor was the perfect way of getting away with that.

At first, I wasn't sure if I liked the idea of humanoid Daleks (I read about this appearance before I saw the episode), especially after the disaster that was "Daleks in Manhattan"/"Evolution of the Daleks," but I found them to be effectively creepy and reasonably believable (as believable as one can be in Doctor Who).

As for the Rory/Amy conflict, I didn't like it at first because I thought it was going to be an unnecessary divide to create conflict and then have them slowly fall in love with each other in the upcoming episode. However, once Amy and Rory argued about the split and we learned what led to it, it felt a bit more natural and fit fairly well with the episode. I'm still not sure if it was necessary but I'm willing to accept it as long as we're back to Amy and Rory being a couple (but with things to work out obviously).

And now for Oswin. Simply said, I adore her. But I'm a sucker for a brunette in a red dress wearing red trainers and a utility belt. I mean, who isn't? Then you through in the dimples and the whimsical wit, you've got yourself a winning character. I'm not sure why, but she felt like a Big Finish companion. I can't give any rhyme or reason for it, but it was a random thought I had during the episode. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by her ultimate fate. I certainly didn't expect her to be properly rescued considering that we know she doesn't become a full-fledged companion until the Christmas episode. Nonetheless, I was shocked by the revelation that she was a Dalek and a shed a tear regarding her fate.

One side thought: I loved the reference to Barbara when we see The Doctor through the Dalek's eyestalk and he throws his arms all around the door frame.

One final thought (I swear!): I loved the twist of Oswin wiping the memories of The Doctor from all of the Daleks' minds. Hopefully this will play into the more low-key Doctor that was set-up the end of last season.
Yeah I think overall it was a far subtler episode than many were expecting, but I don't think that was a bad thing. I think it felt very second Doctor'y, don't know if anyone else got that vibe...helps that Jena came across somewhat Zoe like.

It's odd, when I saw the first pics of her I didn't think she was my type, and seeing her interviewed didn't fill me with hope, but actually finally seeing her in character I thought she was great, adorable and it'll be nice to have a proper genius companion again...always assuming it is her and now her great grandmother or anything!

and yeah I like the notion of the Daleks not having a clue who the Doctor is. Moffat wasn't kidding about this low profile bit...
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