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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

It was an accident that the word 'surprise' was in my two sentences, the sentences were not connected at all. They didn't even have subtext between them.

By desire I meant Archer sees this beautiful woman he had imagined in his childhood because that is what the alien finds in his mind, something good or desirable to appear as. This just gets a little too salt monstery after a while.. I would like something a little kinkier or surprising to be what an alien fishes from Our Heroes minds.

And Zachary is adorable, I vastly prefer him over Pine. Which is funny because in my TOS days it was the other way around. I think I may have to revive the Pine/Quinto thread in the ST:XI forum.....! I am sure you have some pictures to contribute

EDIT: REVIVED. Hope you will go visit the gushing thread in ST:XI S/UF, I posted you a present

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