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Re: What do want to see from a new series

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Data as Captain.
Data is dead.
Thank you Fleet Captain Obvious.
Why thank you Ensign

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The truth is we don't know what they planned. But there was talk of doing one more TNG movies so they probably would have brought him back one way or another.
That was what B-4 was for. Even though Brent Spiner was worried about looking too old to play Data/Data 2.0 in in further TNG.

It was a cop out, plain and simple. Yes they brought back Spock, but he was one of the three main characters of TOS. TNG has six other main characters to use after Data was killed off.

I always like to think that after NEM, B-4 was taken by Commander Maddox back to Starfleet Science and taken apart, so as to better study and understand the Soong-type Android.
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