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The Boxing Thread

We've had a couple of boxing threads focusing on specific events in the past, but I think one ongoing thread for the sport might be a good idea. Consider this thread the place to talk about upcoming matches, great fighters of the past, anything to do with the sweet science...

Anyway, We just had a short but sweet introduction to Gennady Golovkin on HBO a couple nights back. His power is devastating. All the sites I've read are hyping this guy in a big way, but from what I can see he deserves it. I have the feeling we will be seeing a lot of him. He seems like a really likable guy to boot.

We have Dawson-Ward this upcoming weekend and I'm very excited about Martinez-Chavez on the 15th. I'm planning on getting the guys together and making a night of it. I'm betting Martinez gets the KO, but I expect a very entertaining scrap before that happens.

Anyone else watching the fight on the 15th, or have a prediction?
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