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You know, I was going to pick apart your entire post. Instead I'm just gonna go with a blanket "post proof or retract" on everything you said. Saves me time.

BTW, the end of the mayan calendar is only a few months off, shouldn't you be prepping somewhere?
What do I need to prep for? World's not going to end. To me what the Mayan calander means.....though I dunno why I bother saying it, since you'll just find something to pick apart that you can't prove, but I believe it's more of a beginning than an end, that it's going to be like a catalyst or a tigger. Pretty much my signature, if you care to read about it, that is. I'd offer you some ideas about it, but the results will probably be just some pictures with cheesy, lol factor, captions, or some sorta comparison to some actor in silly make up, or Legion wanting to see certain folks get arrested or something, ya know? Open mindedness, from what I see, if something some Trekkies prefer not to if they already did not have stuff against them already, sota ironic in a way, but aw well.
The meaning of the apocalypse is the opposite of what most people think. It does not mean the end of the world; it means the revealing of hidden secrets and the beginning of a heaven on earth. The apocalypse is starting now.
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