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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

^ I wish Miz could be on commentary every week, he's outstanding at colour!

Looks like WWE has convinced Heyman to stay and work with superstars other than Brock Lesnar. Heyman brings that edge to the table, but it seems irrelevant when John Cena is going to end up doing what he usually does - coming out on top and remaining the dominant focus of the WWE product. It might not happen at NOC - it shouldn't if WWE intends to treat Punk as Cena's equal in the feud - but at some point, Cena is going to become WWE Champion.

I love it when WWE is in Chicago, most of the people who regularly attend WWE events are your "no-shit" wrestling fan types who'll cheer for the wrestlers who have good matches and who know how to cut promos, regardless of their alignment. WWE used to hate this kind of stuff, but in recent years they've began to acknowledge it. Chicago crowds, in particular, seem to despise John Cena and this is reflected in the nuclear heat that follows any mention of his name. Sheamus also found out that there was no chance in hell that anybody was going to cheer his one dimensional, unfunny promo, especially when hometown hero, CM Punk was present.
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