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Re: William Shatner wants to return as Jim Kirk in Abramís Universe...

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On the other hand, seeing the very old looking and feeling nimoy reprise spock is mildly depressing to me. Whereas seeing shatner as kirk again would be more uplifting because of how youthful he stilll seems.

Im sure many disagree though
It's a shame I will never know what I might have thought about an aged Spock if I had liked the movie, but as things stand he does come across a bit like someone's grandfather. Is it suggesting too much to believe that would not be a problem if Spock had retained his more iron youthful persona? It's unfortunate that a changing cultural normal can corrupt a good character like that. ST09 had an "excuse" to put that right and kicked for touch.

Wouldn't it have be fun to see nuSpock accuse his older self of selling out and have Spock Prime apologise profusely for succumbing to the pressure of excessive human contact! A kind of "walk a mile in my shoes" defence.
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