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"Ancient Aliens" is an historically and scientifically ignorant hypothesis, and the world would be a better place if there were some way to prosecute the people who promulgate it in the media.
May I congratulate you, sir, for you have one of the most closed minds I have the misfortune of interacting with. You have the same mentality as those who smeared both Galileo and Copornicus.

You're entirely wrong, of course. My only error with regard to this "ancient aliens" horseshit is to have, as Robert Heinlein once put it, "fallen into the fatal folly of reading."

There is no science in these hypotheses. There are no facts as such, simply ridiculous speculations based upon misrepresentations of facts presented without their real context in the confidence on the part of the presenters that their audience is composed of rubes, boobs and suckers. There's not a first-rate intellect anywhere in the field of hucksters, charlatans and delusional nutjobs who manage to keep this foolishness alive - generally as an alternative to any of them doing honest work for their livings.
And someone saying a person like Van Daniken outta be arrested and prosecuted.....that's sorta like shit telling vomit it stinks, because you don't have any credibility to me if you're the type saying arrest each and every one of them.

The authorities that arrested Galileo without even looking at his information and notes probably thought he was not doing any 'honest work' either.

Hell, there's folks who refuse to believe the Sphinx could be at least twice as old than thought to be, despite water eroison all over it and its enclosure. Double it that it looks nothing like Chephren, I see the face of what I think is a black woman. My own theory of the Sphinx was that Chephren, if he had anything to do with the Sphinx, was that he repaired it, and not built it. If the statue of Ramsis could be made so perfectly, and yet the Sphinx looking nothing like the man mainstream explaination says it's suppossed to represent....something's not right.

Oh, and if stuff like Van Daniken's books, Richard Hoagland's research, Coast to Coast AM (which is a very high rated late night talk show, and I'm seeing new affliates appearing all the time) and so on are such boobs and charlatans, why is there stuff talked off offten, in a positive manner ( I know, that probably shocks, offends and shames you) and why are more people openly talking about it....not to mention over 50% of Americans believe in intelligent alien life, over 75% in Russia....if it's all foolishness? You might think all these folks are the n word of the scientific community (my old chemisty teacher on college even said anyone thinking outside the box was the n word of scientists...though he said the entire word. And yet...for such a 'respectible' guy, he had the lowest attendence reocrd for students staying with him. Big surprise. )

Remember, the Wright Brothers were flying for several years and people still said they never flew.

You've answered your own question. They weren't idiots. They were smart people. So give them credit for knowing how to do something you don't. Without having to get help from little green men
Give me some proof as how they did it, 100% proof, especially if they had only copper tools and primative stuff to work with, yet with perfect prescision. And who were their 'gods'? Myth and Legends have some root of truth to them somewhere.

And considering the weird things in the sky that can move at high speeds, make L turns and stop on a dime and all that stuff tells me something's up.

Plus the fact we got primative people who did these things that we are only learning or able to do recently, tells me that, be it either some technologically advanced people or aliens were at it, and that contemporary history needs to be looked at very carefully. Especially seeing as how, for example the hyroglyphs on obolisks are so perfect, and clean and repeated perfectly as if a machine did the work.
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