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Re: (Idea) Interprise goes Andromeda!

This won't work honestly. and wouldn't last if they tried.

fact is there is not enough trek fans to sustain a series on their needs to entice people in general......

Andromeda would be to out-of-place for the average viewer..they'd be disconnected because the show isn't even in OUR galaxy anymore.

not to mention I don't think jumping that far forward is a good idea...the tech in TNG/DS9/Voy era got a little crazy to begin how would they be able to come up with anything believable to be a threat? The tech would just be too crazy. Having them out-matched tech-wise got old in it certainly wouldn't work here either..

being set in the andromeda galaxy MIGHT be interesting to existing trek fans...but personally I don't like the idea of a giant station-ship that relies on other things to protect it..too much going on. And many would look at it as "This is stupid, the station-ship is boring..I want to see what <destroyer a>'s crew is doing and is like..forget the lame can't even defend itself"

if we have a trek set in the future I don't think it should be (personally) too long after TNG....just enough to have all new crew/etc but not so far ahead in tech that it's silly.

regardless your idea, flawed or not, just wont' work for average viewers...which is what the majority has to be for a series to stick around and work. said..the main problem was the writing..not the setting
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