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So, where does Atlantis fit into all this? Wouldn't some pre-cataclysmic advanced human civilization be more likely a helper of primitive cultures than some some wondering star travelers we've never met before or since?
How would it be any more believable than alien visitation?
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Thus the rare visits of 'gods' like Kukulkan, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha and other advanced society changing great minds of the past.
Well, judging from cave painting, statues and so on, many of them were not human looking either. I am not saying it's not the case, but I don't see how that reason is more acceptible than an actual ET visitation.
Easy. Ancient human civilizations are proven to exist. Aliens aren't. Therefore, it's far less of a leap to postulate an advanced human civilization than an advanced alien one.

And how come we can't do something folks did many thousands of years ago? There's no real scroll, tablet or anything that tells how they did it. And them going, "Let's build something as difficult as possible....and with mere copper tools and so on". I myself really want to know how stones 100's of tons in size were cut, moved, lifted and fitted so precisely.

They were not idiots, you know.
You've answered your own question. They weren't idiots. They were smart people. So give them credit for knowing how to do something you don't. Without having to get help from little green men.
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