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Re: Origin of Armus - Exiled Founder?

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What if... the Great Link, long before the dominion, evolved on Vagra II, and then learned to improve themselves by leaving the negative hateful pitiable elements behind, boiling them up to the top and letting them dry out like tomato soup skin, and then the rest of them left the planet en masse?
Nah that doesn't make any sense. The Founders hate all humanoids, and to be honest I don't think the Founders ever trusted the solids (going right back to the beginning), so clearly the Founders would have had some negative tendencies.

And Mr. Homm, you're right about Armus being a great bad guy; he always gives me great laughs for being a man covered in tar and acting so ridiculously clichéd!
Glad you enjoy him if in a different way. I always find him pitiable and end up feeling sorry for him during his terrifying screams when he knows hes going to once again be left alone to fester in his own hate, likely for centuries. he's a total asshole but its not like he ever had any choice. I wonder what the race who left him would feel knowing hes been suffering so long. If theyre such good guys they should at least put him out of his misery. In fact sometimes I wish thats what picard would do at the end.
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