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Re: Is nuWho too complicated for newbies?

I've been reading of this same thing for a while now in regards to other shows and it kind of ticks me off. Personally, I love TV shows that are serialized because ones that are stand alone bore me to tears (cough! House! Cough!). I really don't like the idea that someone is going to cater to the "casual" viewer and do less arc based stories because new fans might not "get" it.

Now that might be true of about ten years ago but now we have the Internet, DVD, Blu-Ray, On-Demand and etc... So if you as a first time viewer are too intimidated by a show that has a long running serialized story line then go watch "House". I'm not lashing out at anyone but there really isn't a good excuse for not getting into a long running serial.

Bottom line is that nothing is too "complicated" to get into. You just have to be willing to start at the beginning or at the very least read about it.
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