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Re: Why Is Diversity Focused Only On Race & Species?

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^Also, as we know from Enterprise, the Prime Directive is based on Vulcan principles.
Would that be the PD of the TOS time period, or the PD of TNG? They would seem to be two entirely different directives, different philosophies, that carry the same label. Did both separate philosophies come from Vulcans. Or maybe from two different groups of Vulcans?
Of course, an idea can change over time and diverge from how it was originally taught. Just because it changes, that doesn't mean it no longer came from the same origin. It just means people reinterpreted it or lost sight of its original intent.

Kira would definitely not fall into the "cynic" category. If Kira were to attempt to join Starfleet, would her different cultural perspectives prevent her entry. Or at the academy, would there be a steady pressure for her to not just conform, but to alter her beliefs at a personal philosophical level to embrace "the one way?"
Of course not. Where do you get the bizarre idea that Starfleet has only "one way"? The whole core philosophy of the Federation is respect for diversity. A believer in the Bajoran religion wouldn't be persecuted or banned by Starfleet any more than, say, a Buddhist would be kicked out of an American university or a federal government post. Because the Federation, like the United States, is a society built around secular institutions -- which does not mean it's hostile to religion, simply that it's neutral on the subject. It means it doesn't hold up one religion as right or treat any others as wrong. It embraces plurality of thought as one of its premier values.

I should also point out that in the Pocket Books novel continuity, Kira became a Starfleet captain when Bajor joined the Federation in 2376 and the Bajoran Militia was incorporated into Starfleet. No Bajorans were pressured to change their religious beliefs in any way.

The Federation's composite ideals isn't going to be the same after gradually admitting 150 new members over the course of two centuries, as it was when there were only a half dozen members.
I think you've answered your own question about the Prime Directive.

Everyone in Starfleet embraces "MSL," really? Would Starfleet even be allowed (by law) to practice such a restrictive entry requirement?
Oh, come on, that's a contradiction in terms. The whole point of secular liberalism is that it's inclusive, not restrictive. If a society is liberal (in the philosophical sense, not the partisan sense) in the aggregate, that means it respects a variety of points of view on the individual level. If it's secular in the aggregate, that means there is no state religion and individuals can choose their own. The only thing that isn't tolerated is intolerance, or the attempt to compromise others' rights in pursuit of your own.
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