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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

Been going through my TNG season one set the last several days. All the way through Justice so far. I know most would disagree, but I actually feel that Justice is the strongest episode of the season so far. It's classic Trek IMO. A great dilemma; save Wesley and risk the fate of the entire crew, or insure the safety of the crew but leave Wesley behind. I love the way Picard handled "God." Instead of exposing it as a fraud, and risk throwing the Edo society into anarchy, he reasoned with it and the Edo as best as he could. And in the end, his diplomatic skills resolved the situation.
Picard was also less stiff in this episode. He was warmer, friendlier, and more likeable, relative to earlier episodes. I can also tell that the other cast members are beginning to find their characters and bond with one another.
I also find it fascinating that a group of such seemingly peaceful people could condone capital punishment. Lot of good food for thought in this episode regarding utopia.
True, Wesley's dialogue in this episode is atrocious, but Wheaton did a fine job with it considering everything...I don't hate his character like many, so I was happy they were able to save him.
Grade: B (or 4 out of 5 stars)
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