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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

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I can't imagine Hank confronting Walt and giving him a chance to lie without trying to build a case first. What if Walt ran? Then Hank would have nothing. Then there's the question of how will it look to Hank's subordinates and co-workers that Heisenberg was under Hank's nose all this time? That's why Hank's boss got canned over Gus Fring.
If Hank busts Heisenberg he will be a local DEA god regardless of the fact that Heisenberg was operating right under Hank's nose. The problem for Hank would be if someone else busts Heisenberg and Hank remains clueless -- that's what sank Hank's former boss. Gus was operating under his nose and it took Hank, who wasn't even a full time agent at the time, to turn the spotlight on Fring.

But Hank has the scent now, so there's no chance of anyone upstaging him.

What Hank might do is hand the information over to his team and let them start the investigation behind the scenes (as you suggest) while he pretends nothing has changed with Walt. This would allow him to stay close to Walt observe and gently probe when the opportunity presents itself. For now, the book is not a smoking gun, but something that is very suspicious.

I just thought, in just the last 3 episodes Walt has been directly, or indirectly, responsible for the deaths of 11 people. The killing is starting to be even worse than the meth dealing.
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