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That Jeff guy seemed to not show up (or be part of the cut) once Dave 'returned' somewhat. Probably just needed someone to fill some scenes.

Although I think it may also have been part of an attempt by Dan(auctioneer guy) to show some 'love' to some of his other regular customers. I'm sure there are regulars who show up to his auctions, but aren't part of the show's case who may be getting annoyed at the show's "cast" taking over the auctions and getting preference when it comes to bidding/attention at the auctions.

BTW, did anyone see last week in Florida that a company which buys storage units bought one and it had human remains in it? Hundreds of them in jars and storage bins. Apparently it was owned by an ex-medical examiner who it would appear illegally collected some of his work.

That would be a pretty twisted find.
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