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Re: The Newsroom.

Hot damn.. awesome show. I just blew through all 10 episodes in about 2 days

I do enjoy my Sci Fi shows, my sitcoms and everything else but with most shows you can tune out for a while and still get most of the episode.

Not so with Newsroom.. you have to stay constantly on the ball because it is so dialogue heavy and people sometimes talk really fast but it's nice to be challenged once in a while and thanks to TrekBBS and TNZ i knew about all the issues and could follow their train of thought.

It's not without flaw.. sometimes a bit too preachy or self important but the cast is fantastic (was always a fan of Jeff Daniels), the stories are intense and i like to be reminded about recent events that were put in story (my favorite episode was the Bin Laden one).

Currently America can't handle just Iraq, what makes you think that you could handle an actual world war without using nuclear weapons as a crutch?
Because the US is deeply divided about Iraq, give them a contemporary Pearl Harbor and watch the US unite. This is the power of the United States and it was very evident immediately post 9/11 when the entire nation stood together as one and set to the task of fighting back (the long term effects though are in another book).

About the current Sex and the City discussion:

It's still a very popular show which is for most parts quite timeless in its themes and styles so it's no surprise that mid 20s women still watch it and become fans even though they were too young to watch it in its original run.
Absolutely fell over in the season finale when they lampooned it by setting up the intro scene and having Maggie go on a tear about the unrealistic approach to life in Sex and the City.. i like the show for its humor and frankness but it's also what i realistically think about the show and the women who overcompensate with it.
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