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Re: Those little details you miss

alpha_leonis wrote: View Post
You only see (him?) for a split second as the ship is exploding. I'd never noticed before.

Isn't it kind of odd to spend all the time it takes on alien makeup for that actor, only to show the character for less than a second as he's about to die?
There would have been some lingering looks at the ship/crew not ultimately chosen by the editor, along with dropped footage of Valkris removing her silver headcloth (see the kids' picture book version) to her shock reveal of Klingon features.

The fish-like alien was featured in publicity pics and is also featured in the DC Comics adaptation. His over-the-head latex mask would have eliminated any chance of dialogue, so he was always intended to be a minor character.

KingDaniel wrote: View Post
Is that really meant to be a Deltan? I've always wondered about Mr. Conehead.
I believe there are interviews with the makeup crew that confirm that ST IV alien - female!, IIRC - was originally intended to suggest a Deltan.

Ditto the bald aliens in the ST III bar - I read a quote that said "These were our Deltans".

According to the script of ST II, Jedda was a Deltan, too, but they were deliberately avoiding callbacks to TMP, so there was no reason to force the actor, John Vargas, to shave his head.

On another matter, have you ever run the Spock mindmeld from TMP on slow speed? You'll see flashes of many images, including Ilia's face and the NASA introduction-to-Earth plaque that was used on several real space probes.

In ST II, there is Academy signage (sold in the It's a Wrap! eBay auctions) that indicates that Lt Xon, an unused character created for "Phase II", has an office there.
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