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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Not sure why this episode scored so highly. The interactions between Ghemor and Kira felt clunky at best, I did like the flashbacks into Kira's past and the whole backstory about the death of her father. But plotwise this episode was all over the place. The problem is the interactions between Ghemor and Kira, they seem to really know each other when they have only met face to face almost three years ago for a short period of time. They just seem to be too familiar and it doesn't gel with me, and it smacks of laziness on the writers part not explaining this away.

Some of the dialogue and interactions feels forced, and if anything Dukat and co save this episode from becoming average or worse. The interactions between Kira and Dukat were great (some real fire and passion there), Dukat and Ghemor were great together, Kira and Bashir in that final scene really worked (it is one of those rare occasions where you see Kira cry about something) but for some reason Kira and Ghemor together did not. I just feel this episode assumed and extrapolated too much regarding those two.

But at least Kira is out of that smock-like uniform...

And great to see Weyoun back, the drink scene had to be the highlight of the whole episode.
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