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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

It is a possible sexual innuendo... not that she was actually making it at the time, but she realized after saying it that perhaps someone would take it that way.

She's not above making the occasional "sexual innuendo" during her answers (see comment to the 28 year old male fan), I just don't think she meant to make that particular comment.

Speaking AS a native english speaker, even I am not sure what she meant when she said earlier in the Q&A that among the choices Kathryn Janeway made that she Kate Mulgrew would not have made for her personally, was over having an affair with Chakotay.

We know from past cons AND from this one that the ACTRESS did not want her CHARACTER to have an affair with Chakotay and so Janeway did not.


When she answered as a PERSON that particular celibate decision of Janeway's was one she would have disagreed with.. does that mean MULGREW would have had no problem having an affair with BELTRAN/CHAKOTAY?

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