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Re: Why didn't Val Kilmer return for Batman & Robin?

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...I think that argument is somewhat difficult to accept...
Fair enough. I'm going from one reference I half remember hearing from years ago, it's entirely plausible I got it wrong.
To be fair, some actors turned down such roles because of the 'stigma.' I believe that Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the role of Robin in Batman Forever, but that was because he didn't like the script, rather than a general dislike of comic book movies. And part of the reason why Nicholson got such an outrageously large fee for Batman was because he was concerned that the movie might affect his credibility.

But equally, there are still actors who don't want to do comic book movies. Viggo Mortensen and Daniel Day-Lewis turned down the role played by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins, while Chris Cooper turned down the Gordon role (though again, I think this may have been down to disliking the script). I've also heard that Nolan and co were turned down by their first choice for The Joker, Sean Penn.

So what it seems to come down to is, some actors were and are willing to do comic book movies, some weren't and aren't.
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