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Private manned Mars mission gets sponsors for crew selection

I decided to put this in this thread rather than making a private funding manned Mars mission thread.
a permanent Mars colony privately funded.

Dutch company Mars-One says it's won enough sponsorship money to create a reality TV show which it hopes will in turn fund a manned trip to Mars.
The company hopes to use robots to build a habitable outpost between 2016 and 2020, and to land the first humans three years later.
It plans to start selecting a 40-strong potential crew next year, and televise the whole procedure. They'll need to be rather more committed than your average Big Brother participant: there are no plans to bring the settlers back.
Surely to be controversial since sending man on a one-way trip would be considered suicide and not in good spirit. This is sure to go against NASA and the US government. The Mars-One group will become more niche have a harder time finding enough funding.
Manned Mars mission wins initial funding

a global reality-TV media event, which will follow the mission from the selection of astronauts through their first years on the Red Planet.
Sort of like The Truman Show? At least this has an interest like the Olympics in many countries. It could be our first Truman Show style reality-TV type documentary series. As they say in the U.K. Factual documentary.
The first four astronauts will set foot on Mars in 2023, and more will arrive every two years after that. There are no plans to return these pioneers to Earth.
Mars One estimates that it will cost about $6 billion to put the first four humans on the Red Planet. The company hopes the "Big Brother"-style reality show will pay most of these costs. The televised action is slated to begin in 2013, when Mars One begins the process of selecting its 40-person astronaut corps.
Since it will be 40 people though I guess it would be under the competition-based reality TV genre.

Here is the Mars One intro film (4 minutes) at Youtube:
Mars One introduction film (updated version)

The whole reality show of the selection to 40 astronauts and their training could run for years including athlete endurance-style training, military-type bootcamp physical training, simulating desertlike conditions out in Utah. It is similar to the idea I had in this thread:
idea for science docu-reality TV series
It would be documented anyway but sure why not make it a series and international TV market coverage?

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