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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

The thing that surprises me more than the return or departure of any characters is how much this book felt like a potential series finale. I get the feeling Kristin Beyer either knows she won't be lucky enough to write for Voyager forever, or is losing interest. The biggest on-going mystery of the series (Post Full Circle) centers on Eden's mysterious background. That mystery has been solved, as well as the 'mystery' the characters were in-universe sent out to resolve per their orders -- figure out how 'gone' the Borg really are. About the only thing that isn't really resolved from Beyer's works are those eight entities that accidentally got released.

As far as the story goes...I liked it a great deal. Well, we knew Janeway would probably come back someday, and we knew that the Q would be involved in someway. I really liked how Beyer wrote all of the Q and especially think she managed to channel John De Lanci's chilling tone he takes on when he means bussiness. You know, the times when you really get the feeling you're getting told off by a greater power, and not just a greater bluster. It was also nice to see how much of Voyager's dubious additions to the Q mythology were used, and to what great effect. I only just realized how much I'll miss little q.

I think they got rid of Amanda to tie up continunity problems with q's origin. Since q was supposed to be the first Q-reproduction, canon can now have it both ways. (Amanda was the first born Q, but then she never existed. Continunity steamrolls on!)

Personally, I hope the Voyager fleet doesn't get re-deployed in the Alpha quadrent and get to keep their mission in the Delta Quadrant. I really like this series set-up and I think it has more potential to be wrung out of it before it needs a serious re-tooling. (To be honest, I'd rather have the Full-Circle stuff have been the TV show. That would've been something to remember!)
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