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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5


So have we seen that copy of Leaves Of Grass before? I can never remember details from months or years back, so I googled around and found this on vulture:

I'm also annoyed by the book itself. I hauled out my DVDs from Seasons 3 and 4, trying to find a moment where Gale gives Walter an inscribed copy of Leaves of Grass, and I couldn't find one; maybe I overlooked it, and if so, I'm sure one of you will point me to the episode with exact timecode, because y'all are absolutely on-point that way, but this seems like a ret-con job to me. We saw Walt take a copy of Leaves of Grass out of a box at the start of this season, but I don't believe we ever saw Gale actually give him that particular book with that particular inscription, did we?
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...but I didn't think it'd happen in this episode until I saw the fly in his backyard. Then I knew.
Huh. How was that the tip-off?
Yeah I don't get that either.

For whatever reason, I think the ultimate use of the ricin capsule will be by Walt: suicide.
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