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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

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Oh, that's right. The European Madrigal connections are bound to be ticked off when the gravy train just stops because Walter suddenly grew a conscience. Consequences abound. Drug dealers are a violent lot.

A brilliant point that someone on another board brought up to support the cancer diagnosis[[lung cancer often metastisizes to the brain. The poster's aunt had suffered the same fate and he said that a peculiar habit she developed was often staring into space and then fixating on some subject until someone literally had to snap her out of it.

Remember? Walter in the hotel room with Todd's connections? Walt was focused on the wall painting until one of the hoods snapped his fingers at him to get his attention. .
Very, very subtle about the painting if the writers were thinking that. I think another reference to Walt's cancer returning is his telling Walt Jr. to make sure Holly has her sunscreen on.
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