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Re: No News, No Nothing!!

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I can't tell whether you're joking or not, but I have a hard time believing that anyone would really expect a Star Trek movie of any caliber to pull in as much as Avengers.
Last time around it was: "Star Trek needs to be promoted like The Dark Knight" and "If only Star Trek had been promoted like The Dark Knight, it would have made a lot more" and "Look at how much The Dark Knight made overseas, compared to Star Trek! They should have done more international promotion", when there's nothing to show that any of that would have been remotely true. Comparing Star Trek to Batman was comparing apples to oranges then, and so is comparing Star Trek to The Avengers now.

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And then, there's also this:

"Hopefully Abrams has learned that lesson for the future."
Or DID he?

The whole point to Cloverfield was that people knew almost nothing going in, and Super 8 ended up turning a nice profit in spite of audiences not being spoiled on everything well in advance. It's also a fact that the way those movies were promoted was distinctly different from the way Star Trek was promoted - you might recall that, with the post-Super Bowl ad blitz in February 2009, a lot of people were wondering whether Star Trek hadn't already been overpromoted and the hype was peaking too soon.

So not worried about the promo aspect of this. Abrams and his Bad Robots know what they're doing. It'll all happen in plenty of time, and plenty of people will be plenty aware of it by the time the movie opens.
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